Compact Busbar Support

  • Polyamide glass fibre reinforced
  • 600.002 (1 set:2 psc)
  • 2 pcs busbar support and combination screws

  • Snap Weft Holder
  • 50x25 Cuttable Weft

  • Adjustable Weft Holder, T Type

  • T-type adjustable weft holder

  • M6 Concealed Nut
  • T-type adjustable weft holder

  • Snap Weft Holder

  • L type adjustable waste holder
  • Distance between the phases can be adjusted
  • Enables easy mounting
  • Cost-effective solytşın
  • Operating range between -40°C and -130°C
  • Halogen-free
  • Fire protection in line with UL 94 VO standard.
  • 4 Screw fastening.
  • Applicable to 5-10mm busbar cross-sections
  • Applicable to size 25-120 mm busbar
  • Can be used in applications between 250a-1600a
  • Suitable for 3 phase application.
PDFBusbar Section414mm514mm714mm914mm1114mm
30x5mm26 KA21 KA15 KA11 KA9 KA
40x5mm30 KA24 KA17 KA13 KA11 KA
50x5mm34 KA27 KA20 KA15 KA12 KA
60x5mm36 KA29 KA21 KA17 KA13 KA
80x5mm43 KA35 KA25 KA19 KA16 KA
100x5mm48 KA40 KA28 KA22 KA17 KA
40x10mm48 KA40 KA29 KA22 KA18 KA
50x10mm55 KA44 KA32 KA25 KA20 KA
60x10mm61 KA49 KA35 KA27 KA22 KA
80x10mm70 KA56 KA40 KA31 KA26 KA
100x10mm78 KA63 KA45 KA35 KA29 KA
120x10mm85 KA69 KA50 KA39 KA32 KA