Process Applications


  • Mild Steel : 6112 DIN EN 10130-99 DC01
  • Galvanized Steel : 1311 DIN EN 10142-00 DX51 D+Z
  • Stainless Steel: 304 or 316 (1,4301) grade


Metal process is carried out with automatic line called as PSBB. PSBB line is referred as automated production method. PSBB means punching, shearing, buffering and bending. Combo storage allows process of various changeable sheet pieces which are programmed automatically. The plates are transferred into a Shear-Genius punching – shearing unit. After shearing, the parts are collected and buffered by a portal robot. Material flow transfers the parts to the bending unit after automatically fulfilling the optimum classification action in order to transfer them directly to the bending unit. The parts bended automatically by the portal robot are transferred into the surface process.


All mild and galvanized parts go through cleaning process primarily. In cleaning process, grease of the parts is removed by means of pressure spraying, and deionisation and passivation processes are applied. With such process applied under +55°C, the areas of the parts which are difficult to reach are cleaned and coated with phosphate. The stage after cleaning and phosphate coating is the removal of moisture on the wet parts (drying). Then, the parts enter into the coating cabinet and coated by robot application in electro-static principle. The thickness of the paint, on parts which are coate by robot system, is distributed homogenously. After coating process, the parts enter into the owen to be completed. They are applied to heat for 15 min. at 200°C. The parts are transferred to the cooling area. In this way, all parts move in the same axis on a system operating full automatically and on a single line; the parts go through surface process without any mistake and without human intervention.


In our products, polyurethane liquid-foam gasket is used for sealing in order to provide impermeability against water and dust. Such gasket, having an application temperature between - 40 and + 100°C, is applied in liquid form. It dries by taking the air into the material. After drying process, a jointless structure is formed and full protection is enhanced on the product. In addition, the gasket casted hot and frozen on the product sticks effectively. When such feature is combined with own durability of the polyurethane, the gasket does not lose its structure and serves for long years. Especially in continental climates where the temperature difference is high between the night and the day, it gives perfect result at production sites and where there are heat generating devices.


The parts, on which are so many holes or having process which should not be painted, are produced from Mild Steel and coated with zinc (Cr+3). Producing such parts in galvanized form and not coating cause corrosion by decaying of the galvanized surface in cut and hole areas. Therefore, such type of parts (interior profiles etc.) are coated with zinc.


In order to protect our products from damage during transfer and storage stages, the small products are placed into cardboard boxes with two boundaries. Big products are covered with cardboard rolls and aerial nylon in order for protection against impacts and moisture. Moreover, all big products are shipped on wooden palette.