Tekpan Enclosures & Cabinets shows: Friendly Production in BAYOSB

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Tekpan Factory in Green Industrial Zone

Tekpan, a company engaged in the production of electrical enclosure and cabinet at the Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone (KOSB), has completed the construction of its modern facility in Bağyurdu Organized Industrial Zone (BAYOSB) and has begun production. Tekpan is providing employment for 500 people with the new facility, which covers an area of 33.000 square meters. The company is also applying for a green building certification with rainwater harvesting and a rooftop solar power project.


Davut Yanık, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tekpan, stated that with their new investment in BAYOSB, they aim to increase their export share. Yanık mentioned that the demand from industrialists required an increase in production, but their previous location lacked the space for capacity expansion. Therefore, they decided to construct a new facility in BAYOSB to commence production.


Having started production in the new facility with a $15 million investment covering 33.000 square meters, Yanık explained, "With an increase in employment to 500, we aim to boost our export share with the increase in production. Currently, 80% of our production is exported to 80 countries, contributing foreign exchange to our country. We will continue our investments for bringing foreign currency to our country. In the coming period, we will continue our efforts for new machinery investments and robotic production."


Regarding sustainability initiatives, Yanık emphasized compliance with the European Green Deal's border carbon application, and he stated, "Given the alarming scale of the global climate crisis and Turkey's largest import item being energy, we have started rooftop solar energy power implementation and rainwater harvesting. As an exporting company, we will also apply for a green building certification."


Advantages of Solar Power System at Tekpan 

Mr. Yanık added that they have started rainwater harvesting and have been meeting their facility's water needs with rainwater for the past two months. Solar energy power installation, with a capacity of 1.3 megawatts, will be completed within two months, providing all their electricity needs and even contributing to the grid.


Aydın Telseren, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BAYOSB, expressed satisfaction with Tekpan's commencement of production in BAYOSB. He noted that BAYOSB has reached full occupancy, new facility constructions are ongoing, and the continuous activation of new factories is occurring. Telseren said, "The commencement of production by a company like Tekpan, which focuses on exports, is very valuable for BAYOSB. Building a facility that utilizes renewable energy and rainwater harvesting aligns with our mission as a Green Industrial Zone. As BAYOSB, aiming to be the most prepared Industrial Zone for the European Green Deal, we consider it our duty to support our participants in these areas. I wish Tekpan success with their new facilities."