Oil & Gas

In many countries of the world, as Tekpan, we are with you in all conditions with the quality and solutions we develop every day to minimize the risks in all difficult conditions.

Energy Generation

As Tekpan, you can trust us with our quality and professional solutions that have been going on for years to increase energy production and maximum efficiency in renewable energy production sources that are gaining importance day by day.


Safety is always at the forefront of construction and buildings. As Tekpan, you reduce vulnerability with our solutions that provide high security and protect buildings in buildings such as hotels, offices, accommodation buildings, and high-rise apartment buildings.


Today, in the mining industry, the use of automation systems has spread rapidly to ensure that production is safe, controllable, and efficient. With remote control systems increase the user's safety, and we are with our users to work in more reliable and comfortable environments.


In order to meet your food and beverage industry needs in a wide area, Tekpan has specially designed stainless steel electrical panels designed to protect your products at any time and anywhere with its solutions offered specifically for every environment.


Tekpan quality helps you to develop and perfect your factory systems, including painting, cable industry, plastic products, ceramic production, and many more.

Pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Tekpan manufactures boards specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry, with easy installation and stainless coating, which minimize surface cracks and eliminate areas where contaminants can accumulate. Thus, it is used safely in environments that require cleaning and hygiene.


Tekpan products offer a service that allows you to safely connect and protect your electrical and electronic structures with its structure resistant to many conditions such as dust, rain, snow and dirt that may occur all inside and outside.

Marina and Ports

Rely on Tekpan quality to protect employees and the business, ensure proactive considerations and ensure uninterrupted communication.


You can get help from TEKPAN's industrial solutions for ease and professionalism of production and employees in electrical and electronic systems.