One of the most important and effective factors that will help to reach our goal is our employees. We are proud of to work with managers and emplyoees who has a experience, a desire, a service mind, a spirit of solidarity, a energetic, open for to improve their self and who thinks that to work at Tekpan is a privilege.


  • Our human resources policy is based on to protect consciousness and culture of Tekpan
  • We want all of our employees to be aware that they are a member of TEKPAN and be proud of it.
  • Tekpan believes that our employees are our most valuable asset
  • We build our relationships with our colleagues based on healthy and lasting foundations and adding talented and successful people to our structure.
  • We believe that people are equal and we apply this principle in our business life, we do not discriminate among our employees, such as race, gender and religion, giving everyone the same opportunity to improve and advance themselves.

Selection and placement,

In the selection of the participants to TEKPAN, the selection and placement system is applied based on competence, qualifications required by the job , at  the selection and placement process, whether the candidates have the competencies required for each position is determined by objective, reliable and valid methods.

according to the procedures established in accordance with this goal, all applications are scrupulously examined and, even if there is no vacancy at the time of application, candidates may be invited to routine general interviews, and if necessary, the applications of the applicants are reviewed again.

TEKPAN, which produces industrial enclosures and cabinets, defines the human resources need with a wide range. While the applications, learning, experience and language knowledge are important in line with the requirements of the relevant position, the personal qualities and competencies observed in the interviews also play an important role in the selection of the candidate. The main principle of Personnel Selection and Placement is to provide equal opportunity and advancement to candidates with the competencies required by the job without any discrimination and privilege.


At TEKPAN, Trade / Industry Vocational High School and university students are provided with internship opportunities. The main purpose of the system is to give the opportunity of successful internship to the students who are educated in educational institutions such as University, High School, Technical High School and Industrial Vocational High School, to monitor the performances of the students during the internship and to bring the outstanding performers to TEKPAN.

At TEKPAN, personnel transportation is provided by services placed on different routes. Food service is provided by contracted companies. Various social and cultural activities are organized to increase employee motivation and strengthen corporate communication. A check-up is also available for all employees.

The “TEKPAN Performance Evaluation System analysis as individual success in order to increase the future success of the employees. With the Performance Evaluation System, individual targets are directly linked to the strategic objectives of the company. In this way, it is necessary for the employees to realize the targets given to them and to be successful in business life.

TEKPAN provides all employees with equal opportunities and opportunities for training and development. The main purpose of the trainings; to increase the level of technical knowledge and skills related to the task currently performed by the employee and to gain the technical knowledge and skills that will be needed in the next assignment in relation to Career Plans.


TEKPAN aims to improve the performance and quality of its personnel by applying the competitive wage system. Therefore, the competence, performance and market conditions of the personnel are taken into consideration in determining the salary.

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